Not just mental and intellectual growth, we intend to grow our students holistically and also physically and the Gymkhana plays an important role in this. The campus does not only have indoor games facility but also the amenities for track and field sports. Various sportsmen and sportswomen practice basketball, long jump, sprint, volleyball, throw ball and shot put at any time of the day. The skating ring is separately maintaining for beginners as well as skilled skaters. We wholeheartedly promote and support sportsmanship.

The place where a sports person belongs, the place to enrich, sharpen and develop their skills. The area has witnessed the hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship of many individuals. Built with the intention of promoting sports among students and providing them with all the requirements to master their skills.

Ground floor: Shuttle badminton (wooden court), changing rooms for boys and girl, weighing machine and first aid box available.

First floor: Multi-gym for ladies with 7 stations along with table-tennis and chess.

Second floor: Student’s room with LCD facility for viewing sports. Multi-gym for boys with 6 stations is placed in the open-air theater in the college ground.