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CBALC achieved a new milestone by winning honors in multiple events at EXODUS 2014 organized by The Gogte Institute of Technology (GIT) Belgaum. Following are the list of CBALCites who have achieved honors in different categories.

1)Samarth Kadkol Mukund Ninganavar and Aditya Patil Secured first place in Movie Making
2)Komal Chauan , Devina F and Shivani Shinde secured seccond place in Media of EXDOUS
3)Raghvendra Khatavkar and Shridhar Malji secured second place in General Quiz
4)Namitha Naveen, Aishwarya Taukari, Ritesh Banger, Atif Beerwala, Aishwarya Sunkad secured second place in Group dance
5) Omkar Mangalvedkar and Soumya Rane secured second place in Press gallery