The Rotaract Club of KLE CBALC is affiliated to the prestigious Rotary Club of Belgaum. The vision is to bring together youth leaders to actively involve in bettering the world and develop their leadership and professional skills. The sole intention of this association is to have the students engaging themselves with the community and provide vocational services.

The Activities conducted By Rotract with KLE CBALC

Rotaract: Installation 2018-19A Healthy Women’s Dayswach Bharat mission post-Ganesh Chaturthi- Swach Belagavi ProjectIdea Talk – on the 125th  anniversary of swami Vivekananda address at Parliament of world religions at Chicago  Celebration of the bravery of our Nation’s HeroesFriendship with orphans – Prajwal Foundation.The prestigious A. D. Shroff Memorial Inter-Collegiate Elocution Contest

Rotaract club of KLE Cbalc Activities 2018-19

  1. INSTALLATION 2018-19: The Rotaract club of KLE Cbalc installation ceremony was held on 19/07/18 and newly elected President, Secretary and the BOD Members were installed by Installation officer Rtn. Manoj Huligol. The Rotary President Rtn. Dr. Mukund Udchankar and Secretary Rtn. Pradeep kulkarni, RCC Rtn. Akshay Kulkarni and other Rotary members also presided at the installation ceremony. This was the 5th installation ceremony of the club, as the club was formed in the year 2014. The program began with the auspicious lamp lighting and the installation of newly elected President, Secretary and BOD members. The acceptance speech was given by President Rtr. Sanket Satardekar and Secretary Rtr. Stuti Rathod followed by addressing of Rotary President and the Installation officer. Overall the installation ceremony was a great beginning for the Rotaract Year 2018- 19.
  2. A HEALTHY WOMEN’S DAY: Rotaract club of KLE CBALC, on the occasion of Women’s day, thought of spreading the awareness amongst the women about sanitary napkins and its usage in the slum areas of Belgaum city. The women are either unaware of the existence of sanitary napkins or are hesitant to accept them. Women think menstruation is a bane, little did they know that it is the reason for the creation of new life. They need to change their mindset towards it. So, we went around the slums and spoke to women, distributing more than 100 packets of sanitary napkins one to each household and explained to them the importance of using sanitary napkins.
  3. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti (2/10/2018) and the swachh Bharat mission. 
    The students of the Rotract club of kle CBALC and the lead cell of Kle’s Cbalc organized a cycle rally to create awareness of keeping our country clean and performed a street play to convey the important message of cleanliness to have a green future.
  4. On 26/ 09/ 2018 The members of the Rotaract Club of Kles Cbalc have come together to make Gandhiji’s dream The Swachh Bharath a reality by cleaning the roads of Kapileshwar Colony after the completion of the Ganesh Chaturti Procession.
  5. On 11/09/2018 On the occasion of 125 anniversary of swami Vivekananda address at Parliament of world religions at Chicago. Rotaract club of KLE CBALC in arranged a small idea talk and invited  Prof Sandeep Nair as a guest speaker for the occasion. He enlightens students on “ Swami Vivekananda message to the youth” . Rtn Sachin Sabnis was instrumental in arranging the event for both Rotaract clubs. Members from Rotary Club of Belgaum and other Rotaractor’s from other Rotaract clubs from Belgaum also attended the spoken talk.
  6. On 15/08/2018 Everyone celebrates the bravery of our Nation’s Heroes and their gift of freedom. Rotaract Club of Klescbalc also spends some time to thank the living heroes who work really hard to let us enjoy this freedom and are awake when we are peacefully asleep. 
    on the occasion of Independence Day, the club presented Indian flag badges to the municipality workers, civil hospital doctors and nurses traffic police, women police, firefighters, army personnel and auto drivers in Belgaum to appreciate them for their service to the society which got a pleasant smile on their faces.
  7. On the occasion of Friendship Day 5/08/2018,  Rotaractor’s of KLE CBALC Visited Prajwal Organization is a Voluntary Agency working with the socially and economically disprivileged communities to ameliorate the conditions of their lives in Belgaum district since 1996. Members of Rotaract club celebrated friendship day and distributed chocolates and sweets to children and shared their happiness on the occasion of friendship day.
  8. On 11th  October 2018, Rotary Club of Belgaum, in association with Forum of Free Enterprise Mumbai, and Rotaract club of KLE Cbalc had organized the prestigious A. D. Shroff Memorial Inter-Collegiate Elocution Contest. To date, as many as 4,600 competitions have been held by Forum of Free Enterprise in which over 48,000 students have participated. This Contest is being conducted since 1965 in memory of the late A.D. Shroff with the object of encouraging college students to think and speak on economic and other relevant subjects, besides enabling them to show their speaking abilities. The competition was held on Thursday i.e. 11th October 2018 at KLE College of Business administration Linagraj College, and more than thirty participants from different colleges from Belgaum city participated in the competition. The winners are 1 st Prize – Sankarshan (GIT College), 2 nd Prize – Deepali Kulkarni (KLS RL Law College), 3 rd Prize – Trupti Sadekar (KLS RL Law College), 4th Prize Orenda Gonsalves (KLE B.Ed College), 5th Prize Akshata (GIT College).